Some nomads continue their migrating forever: pairing with another nomad, raising a family on the road, changing home-bases every few months. But many other nomads choose to settle down, whether for a relationship, work opportunity, to raise a family, or to better know a single place (i.e., to become geographically monogamous).

This is natural evolution, and nothing to be ashamed of. But a word of advice: if you do decide to settle, commit to it. Don’t lead a double life as a happy homemaker and a restless traveler. Indulge your nomadic impulses as deeply as you can for as long as you can. Exploit every chance, freedom, and privilege granted to you. Only then, after a long and satisfying ride, when opportunity or circumstance require that you narrow your definition of “home” to a single place, will you do so happily.

Living nowhere helps you see the world as a place filled with possibility, adventure, and new friends around every corner. If we take this attitude with you, you will remain a nomad no matter where you end up.