The following entries are from a Google Spreadsheet I keep called “Life by Season.”

I find that three-month seasons are the easiest way for me to remember where I was and what I was doing. I’ve abbreviated the names of my friends and exes (who serve as excellent memory anchors).

The spreadsheet begins at the end of college—I graduated in December of 2004—and goes through the writing of this book.

SeasonLocation(s)Notable Events
Winter 2004–5Berkeley and Idyllwild, CAGraduated college. Started working at Astrocamp.
Spring 2005Idyllwild and Pacific Crest Trail, CAQuit Astrocamp a month early to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Quit the PCT after two weeks. Took a train to the East Coast.
Summer 2005Pennsylvania and High Sierras, CAWorked at Camp Cayuga with R. Partial John Muir. Trail hike with D.
Fall 2005Tahoe, CABought a Honda Civic. Got Craigslist room in Tahoe. Worked at Sprouts. Brief thing with HT. Quit Sprouts. Started teaching snowboarding at Heavenly.
Winter 2005–6Tahoe and Banning, CAQuit Heavenly, drove length of California. Quarterlife Crisis #1. Took job at Camp Highland.
Spring 2006BanningWorked at Camp Highland.
Summer 2006High Sierras; OregonWorked as Deer Crossing Camp (DCC) assistant director and advisor at Not Back to School Camp (NBTSC).
Fall 2006San Diego, Banning, Seattle, WAAttempted to split time between Camp Highland and San Diego. Didn’t work; quit. Drove to Washington to stay with Aunt W. Failed to write a novel in a month. Quarterlife Crisis #2.
Winter 2006–7Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, ArgentinaBooked one-way flight to South America. Joined by M. & P. Returned three months later. Started writing first book manuscript. Met A. & J.
Spring 2007California (all over)Worked for Naturalists at Large: pinnacle of dirtbag outdoor educator lifestyle.
Summer 2007High Sierras; OregonWorked as DCC assistant director. NBTSC.
Fall 2007Palo Alto and Tahoe, CA; Ottawa, CanadaLived with P. on the peninsula, took temp job as tutor. Failed trip to Canada to be with J. Took marketing research surveyor job at Heavenly and EMT course.
Winter 2007–8TahoeSnowboarding every day and getting paid for it! Long-distance relationship with A. Finished first book.
Spring 2008San Diego and all over, CADenied gap year trip leader position. Started Unschool Adventures (UA). Worked for Naturalists at Large again; quit early to be with A. before she left the U.S.
Summer 2008High Sierras; Oregon; VermontWorked as DCC cook and interim director. Purchased ticket to be with A., then canceled it. NBTSC.
Fall 2008ArgentinaLed first UA trip, 6 weeks in Argentina. Secured contract for first book.
Winter 2008–9Portland, ORSpent all my Argentina earnings on moving to Portland. Failed new business venture. Lonely.
Spring 2009New HampshireRan out of money in Portland; took job as EMT medic with Nature’s Classroom. Didn’t quit.
Summer 2009High Sierras; Oregon; and VermontPresented at first homeschooling conference. DCC guest instructor. Discovered trail running. Epic cross-country backpacking trip. NBTSC.
Fall 2009Oregon CoastFirst book published! Led UA Novel-Writing Retreat.
Winter 2009–10Bend, OR; Australia; New ZealandSearching for a west coast “home.” Led UA Australia trip. Running & exploring in NZ with E. First Couchsurfing experiences.
Spring 2010Ashland, ORMet B. at conference, flew to Cambridge to surprise her. Start of ~4 year-long relationship. Ran UA Spring Leadership Retreat.
Summer 2010High Sierras, Palo Alto, and OregonDCC guest instructor realization: “I need to be my own director.” Crashed with P. NBTSC.
Fall 2010Ashland and Asheville, NCLed UA Fall Leadership Retreat. Ran 13 miles. Exploratory trip to Asheville to visit B. TEDx talk.
Winter 2010/11Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, PeruGuatemala tree climbing adventure. Led UA South America trip.
Spring 2011India and TahoeFive weeks in India with B. Summering in Tahoe.
Summer 2011Tahoe and OregonGlorious Tahoe summer of trail running and book-writing. NBTSC.
Fall 2011High Sierras and Durango, COBackpacking with V. Led UA Writing Retreat.
Winter 2011/12AshevilleMoved in temporarily with B.’s family, then Craigslist house (seven-month lease). Book-writing.
Spring 2012Argentina and AshevilleLed UA Argentina trip. Book-writing.
Summer 2012Asheville, Tahoe, Oregon, and VermontSelf-published second book. Sweltering summer in the south. Ran 16 miles. Led Asheville Intensive program. Tahoe escape. NBTSC.
Fall 2012Asheville and MassachusettsLed UA Writing Retreat.
Winter 2012–13Asheville and NZLed UA New Zealand trip. Published ZTC.
Spring 2013Asheville and PeruPeru trip with B. Sweet apartment in Asheville: first-ever 12-month lease.
Summer 2013Asheville; Tahoe; and OregonLed Trailblazer Gathering. Tahoe escape. NBTSC.
Fall 2013Maine and AshevillePersonal writing retreat for third book. UA Writing Retreat happened without me (sweet!).
Winter 2013–14Amsterdam and MadridBreakup with B. Departed Asheville despite lease. Amsterdam adventure with M. Lonely in Madrid.
Spring 2014Argentina and U.S. (all over)Led UA Buenos Aires tango trip. Cross-country relocation road trip. Finished third book.
Summer 2014San FranciscoLived in downtown SF. Dated R. Recorded audiobook. NBTSC.
Fall 2014Nepal and Santa CruzSelf-published third book. Led UA Nepal trip. Met S. at monastery; broke up with R. Co-living in Santa Cruz.
Winter 2014–15Boulder and TahoeRan marathon. Debacle with S. Met Z. Housesitting in Tahoe. Podcasting.
Spring 2015BoulderBoulder living and then breakup with Z.
Summer 2015TahoeA place to call my own in Tahoe. NBTSC. High Sierra Route backpacking. Epic trail runs.
Fall 2015Colorado and East CoastLed UA Adventure Semester. East coast road trip.
Winter 2015–6Mexico, Guatemala, and New ZealandBegan writing the blog that would become this book. Adventures with D. Led UA Simply New Zealand.
Spring 2016New Zealand, Australia, ArgentinaPersonal adventures in NZ + Aus. Running NZ’s Great Walks. Research and tango in Buenos Aires.